Installation with PECL

pecl install simple_kafka_client

Alpine Linux

For PHP7:

apk add php7-pecl-simple-kafka-client --update-cache --repository

For PHP8:

apk add php8-pecl-simple-kafka-client --update-cache --repository


You can find the DLLs on PECL as well. If you experience an error similar to this:

The procedure entry point rd_kafka_abort_transaction could not be located in the dynamic library librdkafka.dll
  1. Most likely you have an outdated version of librdkaka in use. Note that librdkaka.dll needs to be in the PATH.
    putting it in the ext/ directory does not make it available. Be sure to overwrite any previous versions.
  2. This can also happen if an old version of librdkafka.dll is packaged during the PECL build.
    You can download newer versions of the librdkafka.dll here
    You can find the DLLs in the runtimes sub-folder.

Manual installation

git clone
cd php-simple-kafka-client
phpize && ./configure && make -j5 all && make install

In your php/conf.d folder add a simple_kafka_client.ini with the following: